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Silver Phoenix Express 

SPE Unity and hard work, pragmatic and efficient



Welcome to Silver Phoenix Express, or SPE for short. Silver Phoenix Express was established on June 18, 2018, with more than 80 members and a complete management team. Silver Phoenix Express will create a relaxed, lively and comfortable driving experience for you, and cultivate excellent truck drivers. Our title: Unity and hard work, pragmatic and efficient. A relaxed and harmonious team is waiting for you!



You must be at least 16 years old.

Your attitude towards is positive and friendsly.

You should have the ability to uderstand and communicate in Chinese and English.

Must have played 200 hours of Truck Simulator 2 on Steam.

Unless otherwise authorized,the Silver Phoenix Express player tag (edited from the TAB menu) should alwaysbe used, for example to provide help in exteral events.

You must always follow TruckersMP rules drive in a responsible manner.

During all public events and fleets Silver Phoenix Express paint work must be used on trucks and trailers.

Please feel free to Join our Discord server,we will contact you via Discord as soon as possible.



The following are the rules of the Silver Phoenix Express team, please be sure to abide by them, do not try the law

  1. Maintain a friendly environment

  2. Respect other members

  3. Prohibition of double teams

  4. Comply with the official regulations of Truckersmp

  5. To withdraw from the team, please fill in the withdrawal application form and tell someone to approve (do not exit directly)

  6. Participate in car training at least 2 times a week Car gatherings must be attended and no leave is allowed (If it is really important, please provide favorable evidence to prove that you have something)

  7. Cheju must use a special vehicle for the fleet (fleet file)

  8. If the network is not good, please go to the back of the team

  9. For new members, please change your MP name (mandatory)

  10. There is a regular meeting every month, please be sure to attend and give a warning. (No meeting if nothing happens)

  11. Regularly clear ghosts at the end of each month A new thing added to the team is the reward and punishment system

  12. Excellent performance. Every time you participate in a car training or a car party, you will get a dlc of your choice.

  13. Drivers are forced to use fleet paint during car gatherings (expected to be replaced every three months)

  14. The chat room is prohibited from swiping the screen

  15. Do not use plug-ins during car gatherings and car training

  16. The organizer has not said that you should not move the vehicle at will.

  17. It is not necessary to rush into gas stations, rest stops, and interchanges

  18. Keep driving in the lane and do not change lanes at will

  19. It is not necessary to honk the horn

  20. Do not overtake during the event

  21. Keep a safe distance

  22. Screen swiping is prohibited in MP

  23. During the event, if there is an accident in front of you, please turn on the double yellow lights (you can inform the vehicle behind if you are convenient to speak)

  24. Do not hit the organizer's traffic control when you arrive at the end of the event to avoid being reported by the organizer and damaging the team's reputation

  25. Do not make noise during car training and car gatherings Full 3 warnings kicked out of the convoy

  26. Prohibition of war

  27. It is forbidden to intentionally hit a team member or other team members

  28. Please do not play around with the withdrawal application form

SPE reserves the right to change all content

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